The Cereal Bar

Do you eat cereal for breakfast.. I don't.. but if you do you might be interested in the Java Break eatery in Lawrence, Kansas. Here is the caption on this photo:

Java Break owner Derek Hogan opened his Cereal Bar in August. The Lawrence eatery offers 32 kinds of cereal and a variety of toppings and milk choices.
Would you frequent a place like this to eat cereal? If so what which cereal would you order?


  1. I'd long as they have gluten free cereals and soymilk!

  2. No, I probably woulndn't cause cereal is too easy to "make" for myself and he probably charges a lot more than I can get it for. Yet, I do think this is a very clever idea and I wish him well!!!! I would have Kashi Friends.

  3. Capt Crunch with Crunchberries. Is there any other kind?

  4. I would drive all the way to Lawrence for a bowl of Choco Crispis which are a crisper version of Coco Krispies and are only seem to be available in Mexico. Other cereals I might consider eating are Coco Puffs, and Coco Pebbles. I would probably not be wanting to pay more than a couple of bucks. At home I eat about five bowls, repouring till the milk is gone.
    Signed, LTF


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