Blu-ray is Dead

Writing for ZDNet Robin Harris has announced the death of Blu-ray HD Video Discs.. he says two things killed the original HD strategy:

  • First the fight with HD DVD stalled the industry for two years. Initial enthusiasm for high definition video on disk was squandered.
  • Second, the advent of low cost up-sampling DVD players dramatically cut the video quality advantage of Blu-ray DVDs. Suddenly, for $100, your average consumer can put good video on their HDTV using standard DVDs. When Blu-ray got started no one dreamed this would happen.Recordable discs don’t play reliably across the range of Blu-ray players - so you can’t do low-volume runs yourself.
He also speaks to the idea that down-loadable HD is just around the corner and that small independent movie producers will not be able to afford the technology. Give the article a read if you want more details. As for me - don't think I'll put a Blu-ray player on my Christmas list :)


  1. My husband and I were just talking about this last night.
    I will not buy a Blu-Ray player either.

  2. I agree. It is like megapixels. for the average consumer, there can be too much


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