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I simply loved this comment about Vampire Movies from my friend Scott:
It is the idea of immortality on an earth that people are familiar with. It is about being above the law and society. It is about living a totally hedonistic lifestyle with no consequences. It is sin without death. It is the lie of satan to entice young people into this fictitious world while denying Christ's path to eternity.
Immortality.. lawlessness.. hedonism.. sin.. enticement.. and denial. Well said brother!


  1. I pray for my grandchildren who are that age, and even though they are raised in good homes, Satan lies are out there at school and play calling them in.

    Bob, stop by ~~ I have given you a "NO obligation" award.


  2. A friend and I once had a disscussion about why Adam and Eve were booted out of the Garden of Eden after eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. She said she could not contemplate the horror of mankind having eaten from the Tree of Life while still in the state of sin. In essence, all of humanity would be (at least) spiritual vampires, neither dead or alive. Maybe that's the attraction to vampires, having eternal life (providing no one puts a stake through your heart or cuts off your head) without a conscience or consequences.

  3. I have never been into vampires or scary movies. I am a "scaredy cat" and I can't stand gore. But, I confess, I am a huge Twilight fan. I read all of the books and loved them. I saw the movie, it was okay.

    The main characters of the story are not evil. It is a love story. This story centers around a family that has chosen a different path, they do not kill humans. In fighting their urges, they are able to feel and experience love, an emotion which eludes those vampires who only live to satisfy their own fleshly desires.

    I found this book, written by a Mormon, wife, and mother, to have many Biblical parallels, and no, you don't have to stretch to get there. She spins a moral tale for her readers. I would agree that many vampire stories contain themes of lawlessness, hedonism, enticement, etc., but I wouldn't lump this into that category because the characters happen to be vampires. And, let's face it, immortality, lawlessness, hedonism, sin, enticement and denial....why the same could be said about ESPN!

  4. Thanks for that Cheryl and LOL about ESPN :)


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