WWW: Bowler Dies After First 300 Game

In this edition of Weird World Wednesday, I submit to you this Associated Press article:

RAVENNA, Mich. — Don Doane belonged to the same team at a Ravenna bowling alley for 45 years.

Just moments after rolling the first perfect 300 game of his life, Doane collapsed onto the floor while high-fiving his Nutt Farm teammates.

The 62-year-old Ravenna resident was taken to a local hospital but couldn't be saved. A medical examiner determined that a heart attack killed Doane.

Jim Nutt spoke with Grand Rapids TV stations WOOD and WZZM about his friend and teammate, who collapsed Oct. 16 at Ravenna Bowl.

Nutt says Doane won't be forgotten by his many friends at the Muskegon County bowling alley. They say it's strange not seeing Doane anymore on league nights.


  1. This incident took place in my neck o' the woods. And I can totally imagine it happening here. What a culmination of a life!

  2. He achieved a bit of perfection before he left the planet.. I once bowled a 279.. many many moons ago.. close but no proverbial cigar :)


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