I point you to my favorite posts. Here are the links to those posts replete with a clip from each post.
  • The Age of Majority: 18 or 21?
    it seems that the age of majority for drinking, military service and voting should all be the same age. To me, it still seems disrespectful to tell a soldier that we honor his service but not enough to allow him to drink a beer.
  • Am I a Blue Dog?
    I am a huge believer in financial security if it means balancing the budget and paying down the national debt. I think that we should be have a strong national security policy.
  • Anonymous has Questions about God
    The fundamentalism and narrowness of atheism never ceases to amaze me. Folks like Anonymous embrace a black and white interpretation of the universe and do not leave any room for the colors of life.
  • Are all humans immortal?
    Most people believe that all humans are immortal (i.e. live past death) when they are born. Some wonder if people become immortal when they are spiritually born after they are physically born.
  • The Bible, Jefferson and Me
    I find Jefferson's actions to be so interesting. Can you imagine a person so obsessed that he would take a razor to the bible?
  • Buck O'Neil
    I will never forget that day when this beautiful gentleman spoke to about 50 of us at work about his experiences growing up in segregated America and about how he learned to love people.
  • But it felt like humiliation..
    Got to wonder if humiliation is the way that humility should feel.. to some degree anyway.. after all.. when the ego/pride in us dies it should probably hurt a bit.
  • Capital Punishment
    I do believe that the evidence for such a sentence must be overwhelmingly and undeniably accurate and of such a heinous nature to warrant the death sentence.
  • Christian Zionism
    I guess that is where I have a concern about Christian Zionism. I think that seeing a secular and culturally religious country as an embodiment of the spiritual seed of Abraham flies in the face of the messianic prophetic scriptures that were, in my opinion, filled in Jesus.
  • Comfortable being Uncomfortable
    In my personal life I found myself gravitating to the things that I had control over.. things like religion.. right/wrong and black/white thinking strongly influenced the religion I embraced because it gave me the illusion of having answers to mystery.. and it created a sense of being comfortable.. and I was very uncomfortable being uncomfortable.
  • The Crazy Bacon Vote
    My wife Ann can attest to my love for these strips of joy and love. These 10 Craziest Products Inspired by Bacon may not be as tasty but are better for your arteries.
  • The Cultivator
    If you are a mom then please take these words of encouragement to heart.. your children appreciate the tears, words and deeds that you have cultivated into their lives.
  • Dad's Stew
    When I think about Dad's stew I reflect upon how much his life was like that delicious soup. Like that wonderful red stuff, Dad was a blend of different ingredients - Dad was a blend of the best of the South and of the North.
  • Do atheists really want to hear about Jesus?
    I found the idea that atheists want people to witness to them about Jesus a bit disingenuous.
  • Does time exist after we die?
    I have always wondered about this whole idea of time and whether another time bounded existence awaits us when we die. I question whether heaven could exist in such a time bounded realm.
  • Endorsing An Indefinite Moratorium
    If we love people then we will act in loving ways even if it makes us uncomfortable. Will you join Derek's moratorium on pronouncements of the morality or immorality of homosexuality?
  • The Erroneous Theology of Job
    Even though Job asserted his innocence he did not contest the basis of his friends claims. Job also believed that his hardship was God's judgment.
  • The Evangelical Tent
    Evangelicalism is a way of reading and understanding the bible. It rests on this assumption – that if God is omnipotent, present, and interested in revealing things about himself.
  • Fallen World not Fallen God
    An image of a fallen God is often painted by some who say that God controls, causes or allows suffering. On the flip-side some understand that God created everything and called it good but humans sinned and we now consequentially live in a fallen world.
  • Free Speech and the Gospel of Hate
    One of the sad things about being a Kansan is knowing that Fred Phelps is also a Kansan. Soon he will be a Kansan appearing before the Supreme Court of the United States.
  • God's Will is all about Character
    God will use anything to make us like him. Like a divine maestro he orchestrates both the good and bad events of our lives to conform us and mold us into human beings who reflect his image.
  • I Used to Rule the World
    My hair turned gray from dark brown within six months of my first wife's heart attack. I was 40. Ever since then my thinking has more and more mirrored the color of my hair.
  • Images of Islamophobia
    I think that, to some degree, Time contributes a bit to the phenomenon when they put images on their covers that showcase the Islamophobic stereotype.
  • Immoral Dimensions of Leadership
    I have to say that he is sounding more like a weasel than a one time senator and.. wait.. maybe that was an insult to weasels.. I guess he just sounded like a politician :(
  • Is Believing in God a Part of Human Nature?
    Theologians have been trying to answer the questions around the origins of believing in God for thousands of years. A recent piece by CNN reports that a new study concludes that religious belief is an aspect of human nature.
  • Is God a Micro-Manager?
    My thinking is that the answer to the question posed in the title is more about us than it is about God. I feel that we are reticent to call God a micro-manager if we have a difficult time with the way that our life has played out.
  • Is God Mad at America?
    Do you not find it odd how some always seem to be speaking of how God is mad at, and will judge, our country because of things like abortion and homosexuality.
  • Is Healthcare a Moral Issue?
    Possibly the poorest amongst us should be covered by Medicare for the same reasons that seniors are covered.
  • Is Marriage a Civil or Religious Institution?
    In Mexico, only civil marriage is recognized as legal. Persons wishing to do so may also have a religious ceremony, but it has no legal effect and does not replace in any way the legal binding civil marriage.
  • Islam, Christianity and Extremism
    There are today - I don't want to say, and it's been established, not all Muslims are terrorists, we must emphasize that, but almost all terrorist activities that take place today in our time are done and justified in the name of Islam.
  • Jesus will choose the next president?
    The idea that God chooses presidents is outside of the definition of sovereignty. It presents a troubling image of God not only appointing good leaders but also despots like Nero and Hitler.
  • Job and The Grieving Process
    In 31 meditations about pain, suffering and grief, I share about how Job's reactions to the loss of his ten children is normal and how theology can get in the way of grieving a great loss.
  • Libertarians and the Poor
    When I first explained libertarianism to my wife, she said: "That's cruel! What about the poor and the weak? Let them starve?"
  • Marriage can be Hard Work
    If you are having problems in your marriage.. even small ones.. I suggest that you do everything you can to bring health to your marriage as early as you can.. time without intervention will not heal your marital wounds.
  • My Easter Story
    I was totally freaked out. I tried to rationalize but I couldn’t – God had met me, given me a spiritual gift and assured me that I was His.. powerful transformation was beginning.. it was the beginning of the wildest ride of my life.
  • Practical Agnosticism
    When my first wife went blind when I was 22 years old I did not pray.. why would I do that.. Prime Movers don't hear or answer prayers.
  • The Prophet
    I have long considered Doctor King an inspirational man to be admired by all who seek peace. I believe that he was a prophet to our nation ... it is sad that much of our nation and the church is confused about this.
  • Redefining Christian Marriage
    When I think about how many folks in America are trying to redefine marriage I just have to wonder if that is simply not as much of a redefinition as we have already experienced.
  • Remembering My Dad
    It always inspires me to think of my dad and the man that he was.
  • Should an Alzheimer spouse divorce?
    When did marriage become all about what a person gets out of it? Where is the call to sacrifice and honor? Where is injunction to enter into the suffering of the hurting spouse? 
  • Teaching from the Heresy Hotseat
    The arrogance that heresy hunters manifest is disturbing at best. It suggest that the one has figured out full and final revealed truth, and the other hasn't.
  • $10 in 2010
    As I began to read this I started to entrench into my ultra-conservative-don't-increase-the-minimum-wage mindset.. then I read that last statement. I agree that a job should keep one out of poverty.
  • Tolerance: Extremists Need Not Apply?
    I have often said that Fundamentalism is not limited to the right side of our culture. Many who embrace liberal and left-leaning ideologies (like Spong) are just as fundamentally narrow and intolerant of other's views.
  • Tony Snow, 1955-2008
    We get repeated chances to learn that life is not about us—that we acquire purpose and satisfaction by sharing in God's love for others. Sickness gets us partway there.
  • The Unknown Disease
    I can so relate to this journey of hospital relapses, physical therapy and doctor visits.
  • The Upside of Depression
    I do hereby appreciate the gifts that this ugly and manipulative beast has laid upon my table.
  • Violence in the Name of Religion
    Legitimate expressions of religion promote love for other people and false religious expressions advocate animosity towards others.
  • Why Do Stereotypes Exist?
    Stereotypes usually say more about the people that hold them than the folks they are aimed at.
  • Why I Reject Christian Universalism
    The idea that unrepentant mass murderers will one day share a pot of tea with those that they murdered appalls me. The keyword here is unrepentant. I do believe in forgiveness, even for mass murderers. I think that we err when we lump the repentant in with the unrepentant.
  • Will I Recognize You in Heaven?
    I feel that we will. My thinking is based on the idea that many knew Jesus after his resurrection - there was something unique about him that people could sense.