What Candidates need to do to ICE IT.

Inspiration: JFK and Reagan are two of the most notable examples of presidents that were able to inspire America. This seems to me to be the first step in securing a nomination. Great candidates inspire voters more than attack their competition.

Character: Honesty and trustworthiness are cornerstones of great leaders. A candidate with integrity and vulnerability is attractive to many people - even those having such a cynical approach to government. Often though, voters are not able to truly discern character.

Experience: I have found that leadership is something that is forged and refined in life. Folks like me are good leaders when we lead a few but falter when we lead many. So it is important to examine the leadership experiences of candidates to determine their ability to lead at the highest levels.

Ideology: Sadly some voters never get past this qualification. If a person matches their own positions on the issues they sometimes do not seriously consider other qualifications. Not saying that political ideology is not important. It should be weighed in with other criteria but not be the lone determination.

Temperament: Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton had great interpersonal skills. Each was able to work with congressional leaders from the other parties. Great leaders are people who have the ability to transcend ideology and work across the aisle. I have found people like this to be a bit rare in politics.

Pizza Eating Personalities

Our small group talked about the Enneagram Personality Test this week. So my attention was peaked when I heard that Cosmo came up with personality types based on the way that you eat a slice of pizza. Here is the way that Fox News tells it:

There are 4 distinct personality types—drivers, influencers, supporters, and careful correctors—who tend to have very unique ways of doing things, even small tasks.

Cosmopolitan then applied that same research to people’s pizza eating techniques--and here's what they found:
  • If you fold it: Those who fold their pizza slice are considered "drivers." They're multi-taskers; they want to eat the pizza fast, and eat it while doing something else.
  • If you start with the crust: People who eat the crust first are described as “influencers” who are spontaneous and like to be different.
  • If you use a knife and fork: Those who cut their pizza are known as “supporters.” The research says they approach life relaxed and are warm and friendly listeners who likely let their friends get their slice first.
  • If you just pick it up and bite: Those who eat it with their hands and bite their slice are known as the "careful correctors." They like to plan ahead so everything turns out as expected. They usually stick with the same flavors and toppings.
I fold it but do not admit to the driver personality. I may be a multitasker but do not think that I eat it all that fast.

So how do you eat your pizza? Do you resonate with the associated personality?

LOL. It's Good for You!

Studies on humor and laughter from Duke University, Loma Linda University, UCLA,
and even from other countries such as Great Britain have shown:
  • Laughing helps relax tense muscles.
  • Laughter reduces the production of stress hormones.
  • Laughter and a positive attitude strengthen the immune system. 
  • Laughter allows a person to 'forget' about aches and pains and perceive pain as less intense.
  • A good laugh is like an aerobic workout for the heart and lungs--increasing the body's ability to use oxygen.
  • Laughter helps lower high blood pressure.
  • There are no known negative side effects to laughter.
Read these in an email from Kim Allen and thought I would pass along.

Grown Up Hodgepodge

The folks at This Side of the Pond have a meme called Wednesday Hodgepodge. Here is my entry for today ...
  1. At what age did you feel like a 'grown-up'? What keeps you young now?

    Two answers: When I raised my hand and was sworn in to the US Army. And when the eye doctor told my first wife Ellen that she was going blind. These days my grandkids keep me young. Sort of. Sometimes they make me feel old. ツ

  2. When did you last buy a vehicle? Was this by design or because you had no other option? Was the car/truck purchased for your own personal use or was it bought for someone else to drive? On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being delightful and 1 being 'pass the Excedrin') how would you rate the experience?

    In January 2008 I traded my great SUV in on a wheelchair minivan. It was a depressing purchase as we had no other option - except for color and features. I give the buying experience a 2 but these days I see it more as a 7.

  3. Corn bread, corn chips, corn pudding, corn on the cob, cornflakes, corn chowder-your favorite of the corn-y foods listed? What needs to be served alongside your selection?

    KC Cheesy Corn, corn on the cob and corn out of a freezer bag. Nothing beats a slab of KC ribs with a side of Cheesy Corn! Add a side of KC BBQ Beans and you have a meal!

  4. What's something in your life that regularly requires you to 'put your thinking cap on'?

    Trying understand where a person is coming from. Not making assumptions about their motives.
    Trying to walk a few proverbial blocks in their  shoes.

  5. Share a favorite movie set in a school or classroom, or whose theme relates to school days in some way.

    Both "To Sir With Love" and Grease come to mind.

  6. Reading, writing, and 'rithmatic' are commonly referred to as the three R's. What are the 3 R's in your life right now?

    Reading blogs, developing Relationships and walking to Restaurants close to our loft.

  7. What's something you've learned or tried recently you can say was as 'easy as ABC'?

    Learning about the affects of carbohydrates on my body. Putting my learning to use and eating less carbs.

  8. Insert your own random thought here.

  9. "Only the mediocre are at their best every day."

Thanks for reading. Join the fun at This Side of the Pond.

I'm Not a Robot

... according to Blogger. Who is pretty much a robot. ツ

Irish Proverbs

Better good manners than good looks.

Promise is in honour’s debt.

Forgetting a debt doesn’t mean it’s paid.

Who gossips with you will gossip of you.

It is more difficult to maintain honour than to become prosperous. ...... However long the day, night must fall.

Better to be a man of character than a man of means. ...... Lie down with dogs and you’ll rise with fleas.

A man may live after losing his life but not after losing his honour. ...... Who keeps his tongue keeps his friends.

Slow is every foot on an unknown path. ...... If God sends you down a stony path, may he give you strong shoes.

Tesla X suv

Anyone else see the problem with the doors?