Worst Film and TV Turkeys of the Year

Wired.com offers a listing of the 20 Worst Film and TV Turkeys of the Year. Here are a few of their Turkeys:
18. Heroes: When even die-hard fans say a TV show is struggling, you know your superheroes have super problems. But even if it runs out of ideas, a series needs to do whatever it can to reach that 100-episode mark so it make a little scratch off syndication.

10. Cloverfield: C'mon! The plot was basically, "Walk here. Die there." And the lauded monster looked like it was assembled by evolution after losing a bet.

8. X-Files: I Want to Believe: I wanted to leave. This sluggish, self-important tribute to clinical depression managed to kill the franchise.

6. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: This desperately unnecessary sequel was so bad it's hard to believe Stephen Sommers didn't direct it.

4. The Love Guru: Mike Myers was determined to prove that midget jokes and toilet humor could entertain an audience for a couple hours. He pulled that off -- if you substitute "bore and disgust" for "entertain."

3. Brit TV remakes: Stop remaking good British TV shows. The Office worked. Life on Mars doesn't steam like the pile it could have been. But, remakes like My Own Worst Enemy (Jekyll) was euthanized, and Eleventh Hour isn't far behind. It will soon join the recreations of Cracker and Touching Evil.

2. Knight Rider: It's not like the bar was set very high by David Hasselhoff in the original series, but NBC's new Knight ended up tripping over it, falling on it and somehow swallowing it.
I tend to agree with these Turkeys with the exception of Heroes.. I am still hooked.. maybe I am just hopelessly addicted.

Check out all 20 Turkeys and let me know if you agree or disagree.


  1. I was such a Heroes fan...now you probably couldn't pay me to watch it...
    maybe you could explain what is happening there...can't seem to follow the plot.

  2. I haven't seen a single one of these films so I probably have no business leaving a comment here but I will anyway. So there ya go!

  3. In short Karen..

    The dead Arthur Petrelli, patriarch of the clan, has come alive and is absorbing powers from the heroes. He leads a company of villains that seems to be at odds with the company of heroes that his wife runs.

    Might check around on the net if you want the details :)

  4. Too bad about Heroes. I watched season one and two online but never watched it on tv.

  5. I'm with Dave ~~ haven't seen any of these...Guess I'm out of touch.

  6. Heroes was fantastic the first season. It then got too hard to follow for a while and this season it's back as strong as ever.

    I think one of the problems with the show is the writers out think themselves and the audience. The timeline hardly ever moves straight forward as we jump from the past to the future to the present. And, the people who were villains end up being heroes themselves. I think the message there though is none of us pure evil or pure good, we all have the capability of being a hero or a villain, depending on the circumstances.

    Anyway, I still love Heroes. But, I'm afraid it's doomed, as are a lot of very good TV shows. Did anyone ever catch a show called "Journeyman"? It was about a guy who time travelled and saved people from catastrophes in the past. It was great.

  7. I caught the first few episodes of Journeyman.. it just didn't resonate with me Brian.. of course "New Amsterdam" also got canceled last year (I think).. sometimes these time travel shows just don't make it.

  8. I love time travel shows even though they raise unsolvable problems that can make your head explode. Like, what if you traveled back in time and accidentally prevented your parents from meeting?

    Journeyman really made you think about interdependency. How much our lives are impacted by the little ways we each interact with each other. Like ripples on a pond, a very small act here can impact other people we'll never see in ways we'll never know. That's what I liked about the show.


  9. I like Heroes too, so I'm with you there. I also like Eleventh Hour, but if it went away I wouldn't be too sad.


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