The 2020 Binge Report

My binging of all things Netflix and Amazon Prime kicked into high gear earlier this year when my wife was quarantined in a nursing facility for 7 weeks. Here are a few thoughts, and some feedback, on the things that I binged.

In the Star Trek Universe, I watched a lot of Trek movies. Always enjoy the newer Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto versions of the movie franchise. Here are a few shows that I watched.

👍 Enterprise - a great 4 season prequel to the series

👎 Picard - a really disappointing and maudlin sequel for TNG fans 

👍👍 Discovery - a great series featuring a few of the original characters.

Here is my non-trek binge list.

👍 ALF - we have enjoyed working our way through this heartwarmingly funny 80s classic

👍 Alias - 5 seasons of action filled espionage - and Rambaldi!

👍 The Crown - the season four take on the Royals is troubling on so many levels

👎 Firefly - Nathan Fillion before Castle as a spaceship captain

👍 Halt and Catch Fire - great take on the beginnings of PCs, networks & the web

👍👍 Hanna - Ann and I enjoyed watching two seasons of teenage spydom together

👍 House MD - 8 seasons of orneriness got me through Ann's quarantine

👍 Kingdom -  a mostly good, but racy, mixed martial arts cage fighting series 

👍 Law and Order SVU - more like the original Law and Order than I thought

👍 The Mandalorian - guess I am a sucker for Baby Yoda, or whoever he is.

👍👍 The Mentalist - one of the best tv detective series ever made

👍👍 The Queens Gambit - I loved this take on a female Bobby Fischer

👎 Watchmen on HBO - a really confusing take on the comics

Apart from those things, this retired guy enjoys binging on HGTV and the Food Network. How about you?

carpe gaudium

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