According to, the robotics geeks at Honda have developed an exoskeleton that is worn like shoes to support the body and protect the joints, something the automaker says could reduce injuries on assembly lines but also might help the elderly get around more easily.

The device resembles a bicycle seat joined to a pair of shoes and fits suggestively between the legs to help the user walk, crouch and stand without excessive stress on the hips, knees and ankles. Honda is testing the "walking assist device" at a vehicle assembly line in Sayama, Japan, and says robo-legs could help anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. More than that, it could help the elderly and infirm by making it easier to get around.

I gotta get me some of them legs!


  1. I can clearly see the therapeutic benefits of this, but I have to tell you it really makes me think about the movie "Wall-e." The result of technology on man was not pretty.

  2. Do you think I could get a pair in designer pink?


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