Breakfast Food

I love Ziggy! Looking at this cartoon makes me think about how I haven't eaten a pop tart in years - have you? I usually nosh on a bagel.. occasionally make a mean Denver omelet.. and love biscuits and gravy. What is your favorite breakfast food?


  1. I don't eat poptarts, nor any wheaty thing. I hanker for 'em sometimes. My kids love 'em. Gluten-free poptarts taste like ceramic tile with jam.

  2. My breakfast menu is quite diverse, but occasionally, I do have a pop-tart.

    This morning I had a sausage (home-made), egg (home-raised chickens), and cheese biscuit. Oh, the joys of living in the country!

  3. Gluten-free.. I have a few friends that have a similar food restriction Karen.

    Your breakfast makes me hungry Cameron.

  4. "Gluten-free poptarts taste like ceramic tile with jam." Now that's funny.

    Don't eat many pop-tarts anymore, used to love the cinnamon ones.

    My daily breakfast consists of a can of V8 on the way to work. Weekends I splurge and have a bowl or two of cereal at least one day. I love cereal, especially any variety of Cap't Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Golden Grahams.

    Now I'm hungry.


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