50 Years Ago in Rock Music

Anyone old enough to remember these golden oldies?
"Don't" -Elvis Presley
"Great Balls of Fire" -Jerry Lee Lewis
"Johnny B. Goode" -Chuck Berry
"Good Golly Miss Molly" -Little Richard
"La Bamba" -Ritchie Valens
"Fever" -Peggy Lee
"Poor Little Fool" -Ricky Nelson
"Rebel Rouser" -Duane Eddy
"All the Way" -Frank Sinatra
"26 Miles (Santa Catalina)" -The Four Preps
"A Wonderful Time Up There" -Pat Boone
"Tequila" -The Champs
"Catch a Falling Star" -Perry Como
"He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" -Laurie London
"Twilight Time" -The Platters
"Witch Doctor" -David Seville
"All I Have to Do Is Dream" -The Everly Brothers
"Purple People Eater" -Sheb Wooley
"Yakety Yak" -The Coasters
"Splish Splash" -Bobby Darin
"Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Blu)" -Dominico Modugno
"Rockin Robin" -Bobby Day
"Tom Dooley" -The Kingston Trio
"To Know Him Is to Love Him" -Teddy Bears
"The Chipmunk Song" -The Chipmunks/David Seville
"Jingle Bell Rock" -Bobby Helms

True confession time.. I counted 23 that I definitely remember listening to on the radio in 1958. I have vivid memories of watching them do "The Chipmunk Song" on TV around Christmas time.. I thought it was a funny song back then. Also remember Bobby Darin singing "Splish Splash" on TV in a bathtub. And who could forget "Purple People Eater"? Aaah.. those were the days!

Anybody want to confess to listening to the radio in 1958? How many of these do you remember? Any stories to share?


  1. Hi Bob,

    I counted 22. Beautiful songs that brings back memories.

  2. 11 I recognise, but probably from hearing them later than 1958 -- I was only just turning 4 then!!

  3. I recognize most of them. I love the classics. I remember them like it was yesterday.

  4. My dad was into the big band sound, and while my wife and I always enjoy "In the Mood" when we hit the dance floor at a wedding, it's not exactly that we ever listen to that stuff.

    But rock and roll is still going strong. There are songs on that list that my 10-year old knows well. Does rock-n-roll have another 50 years?

  5. "Does rock-n-roll have another 50 years?"

    Maybe Ed.. but we probably wouldn't recognize it :)


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