The Perfect Loss

KC Star columnist Jason Whitlock had this to say in his recent column:
In losing 20-19 to San Diego on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs played a near-flawless game and gave the strongest testimony to date Herm Edwards might deserve at least one more season to lead the Chiefs.
The Chiefs’ single mission this season is improvement. As fans, we should have two missions: 1. Improvement; 2. Securing a draft pick high enough to pluck the best quarterback in the 2009 draft (Ball State’s Nate Davis if we’re lucky).
KC’s one-win record and the injuries on defense made Herm’s decision to go for two points a no-brainer. There was no reason to throw Kansas City’s banged-up defense out on the field for overtime.

It was the perfect loss.
I tend to agree with Jason's take on the game and the Chief's strategy. Even though they are losing games KC is looking fairly consistent these days and not making a lot of mistakes. I don't agree with Jason's take on QB Tyler Thigpen.. I guess we have another 7 games to see how is does in the long haul. Maybe we will have a winning record next year?

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  1. I am going for the Chiefs this year (only because I know a Chief fan!!) - lost "by that much!!!" - sounds like a real tight game, these are the games I enjoy.


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