Chiefs 27, Bucs 30

I caught the beginning of this game over brunch at a local restaurant.. it started out great with KC's offense looking good in the first half.. newbie quarterback Tyler Thigpen seemed to be throwing the ball well and even caught a pass in the end-zone on a trick play.

Then the second half happened and the Chief's offense just plain faltered and the defense let the Buc's offense score and eventually tie it up at 27 points with seconds remaining on the clock. Tampa Bay kicked a field goal in overtime to win it. Another reason to believe that the Chiefs are well on their way to getting a better draft pick than the Cincinnati Bungals.


  1. Well, Bob, you gained a game on us in the race for the bottom. The Bengals messed up and didn't quite allow the Jags enough points to pull off the comeback yesterday. After being up 21-3, we did give up 16 unanswered points. But, the defense stopped their 2 point conversion which would have completed the comeback. So, we lose our perfect season and fall to 1-8. I guess the Lions are the only team still with a perfect loss record.

    I don't know, the Bengals looked pretty good in the first half today. In fact they looked very good on both sides of the ball. The defensive line, the defensive secondary, the running game, the passing game. I don't know what got into to them. If they keep playing like that, they might win 4 or 5 games.


  2. "If they keep playing like that, they might win 4 or 5 games."

    My thoughts about the Chiefs as well. Okay if Thigpen the QB starts to shine.. not okay if it means that he doesn't and we lose out on great QB pick :(


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