Fairness, Obama and El Rushbo

KC Star columnist Aaron Barnhart recently opined about The Fairness Doctrine in his column. Here are a few excerpts from his column:

The Fairness Doctrine is coming back! Rush said so!

Well, Rush Limbaugh is not an idiot, contrary to what Al Franken wrote. He’s dead wrong, but he’s not an idiot, because he knows when there’s an issue that he can use to turn the spotlight once more on El Rushbo.

First and foremost, Rush is all about Rush — especially now that he has a bloated new radio contract to justify. That is why he adamantly will not allow the facts to stand in the way of his assertion that Barack Obama is bringing back the Fairness Doctrine, the old government rule that required broadcasters to present all sides of controversial issues.

As the respected trade publication Broadcasting and Cable reported in June, President-elect Barack Obama does not support the return of the Fairness Doctrine, which was abolished in 1987. Just to be sure, B&C re-quizzed the campaign just before Election Day and was told that Obama thinks trying to regulate the airwaves would be a “distraction” from more important national business.
Of course time will tell if El Rushbo is prophetic or just plain pathetic :)


  1. It would be a dumb move, but really there has been more talk in Congress about it. Now will Obama actually veto it if Congress passes it?

    But there is some reason for concern... check out this - http://www.change.gov/agenda/technology_agenda/

    Look at the section that says "Encourage Diversity in Media Ownership" how exactly are they going to do that?

  2. I sense that Rush may be somewhat of a prophet in your eyes Shane :)

  3. Bob, I think living in these days are so exciting and perhaps a little scary....

    I feel like a spectator at the games, and only time will tell if Obama will be a good President, or if all the people like Rush will say "I told you so".

    As for me and my house, I will continue to serve the Lord and remain a active proud American and trust God with the outcome!!

    Thanks for making me think!!!!


  4. I imagine, if the Censorship..er..Fairness Doctrine goes through (and there is serious talk about it) that it would simply be conservative talk radio that would be monitored. But who will monitor left-winged MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.?

  5. The most interesting aspect of this article is how poorly written it was. I find more thought cohesion in most blog posts I read.

  6. In "fairness" it is only the KC Star :)


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