The Chumps and The Stooges

The Chumps really stunk up the day last Sunday losing to the Bills 54-31. KC Star sports columnist Jason Whitlock is comparing the management and coaching team to the three stooges. Here is an few excerpt from his column:
There’s no reason to blame Tyler Thigpen, Glenn Dorsey, Tamba Hali or any of the nameless, faceless jerseys masquerading as starting NFL linebackers. It’s not their fault. They didn’t assemble this team.

Carl “Moe” Peterson, Herm “Larry” Edwards and Bill “Curly” Kuharich put together the worst team in Chiefs history, a squad with a two-year, 19-of-20 losing stretch.
I tend to agree with Jason. Of course.. even my friend Brian now thinks that the Bungles are better than the Chumps.. maybe a great draft pick will change everything.. oh wait.. they don't draft new ownership or management.. sigh.

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