Stinky Microwaves

This funny cartoon brought back many memories of times gone by when I spent most of my days in Corporate America. Some of the things that people would put in the microwave - yikes!

If it wasn't fish it was something exotic that really offended my sense of smell.

Do you have any stinky stories to share?

And what about those folks who don't clean up after themselves and leave a messy microwave?


  1. Love the cartoon! Would that be considered passive-agressive?

    I have been the only telecommuter at my workplace for some time. I always laugh at the HR emails to all employees reminding people that it's an "Odor Free Environment" because certain individuals always complain about every scent. I had to travel to the office last year for training, and a note on the bathroom door threatened people to keep their smell to themselves - to pass gas in the restroom, not in the office - OR ELSE.

    Sometimes I am glad to work alone. :)

  2. our nuker looks like road kill was cooked in all the time. I lid everything. Dear God do you think they are cooking road kill it those things. Home Improvement workers are gross.

  3. What's worse than a microwave is that I had a cube at a job once that was right next to a full kitchen. People would not microwave, but cook their fish. I had to leave the building frequently

  4. You win the gross-out prize Scott.. cube next to the kitchen.. of course Milly is a close runner up with the road kill story :)


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