Clueless in Detroit

The recent appearance of the Chief Executives of the Big Three auto makers before US Senators caused me to add a new "CEO" tag to my blog. I saw one senator from Georgia interviewed and he said that he could not believe how arrogant these three CEO's were to fly to DC in three separate private planes and come begging for a bailout as if they were paupers. Simply unbelievable!

On the flipside.. CEO's like this give me plenty to post about :)


  1. Aw come on, let's have a little compassion here. Don't you know this is a disease? It's an addiction to money and power. We shouldn't judge people who suffer with addictions. I'll bet if the medical people looked deep enough, they would discover that it's genetic, and these poor CEOs just can't help themselves because they were born that way.

  2. I agree Ken.. seems that they are getting some help though.. a bit of shock therapy :)

  3. Yeah. And the righteous indignation of the congress really cracks me up. See that little national debt counter up in the corner of your blog? That's their legacy. Too bad the big three can't just continue doing business as usual as their debt rolls up. They actually have to PAY their bills. :)

  4. I enjoyed reading your and Ken's comments....

    Perfect cartoon....


    BTW enjoyed your other blog today.


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