Happy 90th Billy

This picture is the way that I will always remember Billy Graham. I have been a part of two Billy Graham crusades in my life.. I worked as a counselor at the 1978 Kansas City Crusade and attended another a few years ago at Arrowhead Stadium. I admire Billy for the way that he has lived his life and for his commitment to Christ's ministry. It is an honor to wish him Happy Birthday today.


  1. Billy Graham is truly a great man of God. I can't believe he is 90. Man how time flies.

  2. I too can't believe he's 90. Amazing.

  3. With sadness I read this today..

    Billy Graham's work as a pastor to presidents is coming to an end, but he is praying for Barack Obama as the nation's next leader begins his work, Graham's son said Friday on the aging evangelist's 90th birthday.

    Franklin Graham said in an interview that his father's mind remains sharp even as his body continues to fail. But the preacher who has counseled every president beginning with Eisenhower is not in line to mentor Obama.

    "My father feels like his time and day for that is over," Franklin Graham said. "But he would certainly like to meet (Obama) and pray with him."

    ..hoping that others will be raised up that will be able to give our new president Godly advice and wisdom from the scriptures.

  4. I to hope another like Billy will be a voice that can speak into all of our lives.
    I have been to every crusade that came to the San Francisco Bay Area and sang in 2 crusade choirs. My cousin became a Christian after attending one of hos crusades.
    When he passes, the world will have a huge hole to fill.


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