Whitlock on the Chiefs

Jason Whitlock, one of my favorite sports columnists had an interesting column this week on the Chiefs loss to the Jets.. here are a few excerpts:
Chan Gailey put together a brilliant game plan. The no-huddle spread simplifies a defense, makes a quarterback’s reads a bit easier. The easy reads lighten the load on the offensive line; it doesn’t have to protect as long.

Thigpen looked like an NFL quarterback, and KC’s line appeared competent.

With 5 minutes left, the Chiefs were playing with house money. No one expected them to win. They were going to get credit for spooking the Jets. Why not let Thigpen go down winging the football? He earned the right to win and/or lose the football game.

Had he tossed a pick-six, no one would’ve blasted Edwards, Gailey or Thigpen. There was only one way to ruin Sunday’s game, and Edwards and Gailey found it.
I agree with Jason about those last five minutes. Thigpen's passing game was going well on Sunday.. offensive coordinator Gailey and head coach Edwards should have showed some confidence in him instead of playing it safe with lackluster running game.

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