Voter Test

You Should Be Allowed to Vote

You got 14/15 questions correct. Generally speaking, you're very well informed. If you vote this election, you'll know exactly who (and what) you'll be voting for. You're likely to have strong opinions, and you have the facts to back them up.

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  1. Whew...all of this is making my head spin. Its hard to know what to believe and who says it best. It seems there is no perfect answer or who really is the best for the country.

  2. I should "maybe be allowed to vote. You aren't as informed as you think you are".

    Hmmm...However, I am just as informed as I think I am. :) I'm as informed as I need to be, I think. Does it really matter if I know all of the other foreign country heads to vote in my own country?

    Thanks Bob for the test...I guess. :)

  3. My citizenship denies me the right to vote, this is okay with me - because then you can't blame me for George W.


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