Blaming Younger Evangelicals

At Christianiy Today's politics blog, Sarah Pulliam points out that the 16-page letter from Focus on the Family offering a hypothetical look back on the first term of an Obama administration that's disastrous for religious conservatives blames young evangelicals for an Obama victory:
Many Christians voted for Obama - younger evangelicals actually provided him with the needed margin to defeat John McCain - but they didn't think he would really follow through on the far-Left policies that had marked his career. They were wrong.
Is this "talking to" from evangelical elders to the younger generation likely to help reverse the migration of young evangelicals out of the Republican column? Or will it urge more to leave?

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  1. Describing Obama as "far left" causes Pulliam to lose credibility in my view. He's pretty centrist. And by European or Canadian standards, could even be considered "right-leaning." But that's always how it goes in US politics - demonize the other side (rather than engage their arguments and/or logic.)

  2. Bob,
    I think that Focus on the family is engaged in a dangerous game that is leading them down a path that they think is righteous but couldn't be further from it.
    Not that I am a judge of these things, But it just seems to me this judgment of the candidate they appose and of young evangelicals is the very thing that cause me to stop going to any church services for my entire young adult life.
    I was a believer but what I saw in church was nothing like the Jesus they were trying to shove down my throat.
    Seems like another outdated attempt at a guilt trip that won't work because, frankly; Younger people do have eyes. They can see when you are telling them one thing and doing something else.
    I think this mindset will drive away young evangelicals.
    But, that might not be a bad thing if they are getting away from those Pharisees.

  3. Yup, she doesn't know what left wing is. Obama is unfortuately not very left wing by Commonwealth standards.

  4. It's this type of talk/thinking that nearly drove me from Christianity and makes me hesitant to admit I am a Christian.

  5. Whats the problem?

    Obama says he is going to make sure everyone has affordable health insurance and a free college education.

    Also, he is not opposed to war, just the "wrong" war.

    What could go wrong?

    Emanuel Goldstein


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