The Debates and The Series

I just had a thought and I was wondering:

Why do folks that have already committed to vote for McCain or Obama watch the debates?
Do you that they feel a need to:
  • root on their candidate like they might root for the Rays or the Sox?

  • be prepared to defend their candidates performance?

  • get entertained like they would if they were watching the World Series?

  • express their patriotism by participating in the political process?
Or is there some other reason for them to watch the debates. Thinking back when I was in the tank for Reagan, Bush, Dole and Bush I would have to say that I watched the debates for a little of each of these bullet points.

These days undecided Bob watches hoping with a pitiful hope that one of the candidates will give a positive reason to this year.

How would you answer? Why do you think "decided" folks watch the debates?


  1. I don't typically listen with both ears. I do keep one perked on the off chance I hear something unique/different.

  2. Really good question! I think its for all of the reasons you mentioned. For me personally I watched out of curiosity and to make sure there were no "surprises" Also to see how they did because I knew I’d hear from both sides that their candidate did “better” and I wanted to see for myself. I was pleased with what I saw but got bored and put it on mute halfway through.

  3. I watch:

    1.) So I can intelligently discuss what happened.

    2.) In hopes the guy I've decided for doesn't just implode on stage.

    3.) Because I feel it's my patriotic duty to participate in the process. People would ask why I listened to George W. Bush's State of the Union addresses. As painful as it's been, I feel it's my duty.

    In response to Karen, I don't expect to really learn anything from watching the debate. But, I realize a lot of Americans are. Mostly the candidates just repeate talking points they've said time and time again. But, I want to get the perspective of the person who is hearing it for the first time. I find myself yelling at the TV, "You said that a dozen times already". The other night, I wanted to help Obama fill in the blanks he left out. But, then I have to remind myself that most people aren't following along as closely as I am watching the stump speeches and the political news every single night.

  4. I watch it for 2 reasons. To see if my candidate does well and to see if "the other one" does poorly.

  5. As a pretty much decided voter I've watched them to make sure I'm not surprised and verify that what I believe about my candidate is in fact what he stands for.

    I have to admit that by watching the debates last week I was challenged in my thinking about each one of them. They made me do some further examination.

  6. Bob,
    Are you serious that you really do not know whom you will vote for?
    If you are still undecided you have not done your homework or continue to receive your political news from one of the nightly news shows.
    One point for you to ponder...the country needs someone who is honest, experienced and cares about this great country and has as his running mate one who is honest, bright and also a bit of a "maverick", I do not think I have to tell you which candidate that is.

  7. I am leaning in one direction anonymous.. and it is not in the direction of the casino craps playing candidate.

    I wonder anonymous if you even know that much about your casino craps playing maverick? Maybe you need to to a bit more homework :)

  8. I recently found a great site with a different point of view than I'd found before. I wish every Christian would at least take the time to check it out. You can see what I mean at (I am not affiliated with it in any way, but do agree with the views it expresses.)

  9. I have learned enough about Obama to know that while he might not use his own money to flush down the toilet in a casino, he is the first candidate I can remember to actively campaign on a pro-abortion message. The genocide of the unborn versus gambling friendly, I think I'll roll the dice.


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