Sloppy Joe's

This evening I made one of our favorite sandwiches and it reminded me of my visit to Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West about 5 years ago.. definitely visit if you get to this farthest south US city. Here is our recipe (for two) for Charleston Sloppy Joe's:

Saute 1/2 large diced onion in a large skillet.

Add 1 pound of ground beef and cook till brown.

Add to the pan 1/2 cup of catsup, 2 TBSP of yellow mustard, 2 TBSP of apple cider vinegar, TSP of sugar, 1/4 TSP of salt, and 1/4 TSP of pepper.

Cook until it looks done.

Serve on fresh bakery buns.
The results are quick, easy and delicious. Maybe you'd like to share a favorite sandwich recipe with us? Please do so in the comments section or on your blog.


  1. That sounds good, KB! Mom used to make cornbread pancakes to serve sloppy joe over, you should try it sometime.


    I am sitting here waiting for my son to deliver my dinner....I wish it was going to be one of these!

  3. That's a REAL sloppy joe recipe! Not so awfully sweet as the canned stuff! Our family version is really close to it.


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