The Electoral College

I am not really a proponent of the electoral college.. if you are not familiar with it check out the wiki on it here. I think that the idea of states voting for a president seems bureaucratic and a bit off to me.

Gary posted this interactive map (above) on his blog and I thought that it was a good way to show how crazy the electoral college is. I mean really.. does it make any difference which presidential candidate a Kansan votes for?

Here is how to use the map widget. Click on a gray state and choose who you think will win. Do the same with each remaining gray state and watch the path to 270 (Victory) for one candidate. Try different combinations to achieve different outcomes.

I agree that Kansas will go Republican. How do you think your state will go?


  1. The heavily populated geographic half of Washington State, west of the Cascade mountains, will vote for Obama. The rural, agrarian, sparsely populated half of our State, east of the mountains (the dry side, as wetsiders call it) will probably vote for McCain.

  2. Think Calif. will stay blue and very liberal.
    I voted but wonder if my vote will change anything. I guess I really don't get the electorial vote thing at all. It really doesn't seem to be particularly fair.


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