The Veep Debate

I watched former president George HW Bush and former democratic VP candidate Geraldine Ferraro talk about their ground breaking 1984 Veep Debate this morning on the Today Show. They discussed this 28 second exchange shown in this video clip in such a congenial way. I loved the way that they seemed to have survived that debate and how they told everyone that they have remained friends. They each seemed to exude a grace that is so rare amongst politicians these days.

I will be watching the Veep debate on Thursday night and hope to see this kind of grace and civil discourse surface. I am also hoping to hear the Veep candidates speak to the issues of our day. Lets all hope to get a better picture of who these folks are and how they might serve our country as Vice President.


  1. Should be verrrrryyyy interesting...

  2. I'm only watching if Karen accepted an invitation to participate. :)


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