As I have indicated previously.. in the past I really liked Slimbrowser when it came to surfin' the net and blogworld in particular. Well, recently this tool has been sluggish and verrrrry slow in loading some websites. So I thought that I would give Mozilla's Firefox a try - busted!

Gotta admit that I should have tried it a long time ago. I like it's speed, flexibility and custom-ability. Here are the add-ons that I have loaded already:
  • All-in-One Sidebar - especially like for bookmarks
  • Colorful Tabs
  • Facebook Toolbar
  • Fast Dial - this one is a great productivity aid
  • Smart Bookmarks Bar
  • Tiny Menu - save room at the top
  • Twitterfox - corner popups for my friends
  • Zemanta - still exprimenting with this one
Am I missing something? I am depending on you expert Firefoxers to help me out :)

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  1. Bob, you are the man! FINALLY got yourself Firefox, huh? I LOVE it and have so many tweeks and adds I could tell you about! I will think through them and get back to you with ones I think you will like. You are using a few I have not tried yet that I may check out.

    My latest add-on is called "Calorie Count". Its a toolbar that opens up into the best food tracking system I've seen (for free).

  2. I recommend the Noia Extreme theme.

  3. welcome to the Firefox club, Bob. Are you missing anything? Hmm. How about the movie Firefox starring Clint Eastwood?

  4. Thanks for the recommendations folks.

    I like also twitterfox Stephanie.

    I'll check out "Calorie Count" Barbara.. and yeah.. I'm a bit slow sometimes.

    I didn't include the themes I have downloaded.. which includes Noia Extreme Casey - any others? I have a KC Chiefs one that I can't bear to use :(

    I liked that movie Alex.. from what I remember.. of course I usually like Eastwood flicks :)


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