I Used to Rule the World

This Coldplay song, Viva La Vida, begins with the phrase that I use in the title of this post. Every time I hear the song I remember back to those days when I seemed to have it all and seemed to have life by the tail. Those days were characterized by:
  • Back and white simplistic thinking. I had a firm grasp on right and wrong.. I was judgmental and people who did no agree with me were just plain ignorant.
  • An illusion of control. I believed that I was in charge of my family, my career and things most important to me.
  • A self-centered ego driven personality. I gave lip service to loving others but, like the pharisees in the new testament, really didn't understand compassion. My life was all about me.
My hair turned gray from dark brown with six months of my first wife's heart attack.. I was 40.. and ever since then my life has been one in which my thinking more and more mirrors the color of my hair. Every day I seem to get a glimpse of how little control I have over the things that are most important. In each difficult season I get a picture of how much life is all about being compassionate and loving other people. I no longer rule the world but I am content with my place in it.


  1. Ditto - except my wife suffered a clinical depression meltdown instead of a heart attack.

    The suddenlies of life can be very humbling and age takes the edge off.

  2. I understand this post completely. It was very scary when I first started to realize that I don't have nearly the control I thought I did. It is still scary at times. However, I think that is the only way we can ever begin to truly understand the peace and grace offered to us by God.


  3. Yeah, I get it too. I think it's a transitional stage I'm in right now as a matter of fact.

    BTW- This is my new favorite CD! It's got some great music on it!

    Thanks for the post!

  4. "I no longer rule the world but I am content with my place in it."

    That's a place I'm hoping to get to. I've accepted the first bit, but the second is harder to get to.

  5. Hi Bob,

    I appreciate your honest candor...

  6. This was such a good post, Bob. I can relate to you in several ways. Their were incidents in my life that changed my way of thinking too, about control, and who has it. My daughters car accident was one....
    Thanks for sharing...Paul tells us contenment is something that has to be learned and practiced.

    LOL: wanda

  7. EXCELLENT POST! My priorities have changed a lot lately and I am realizing what is truly important in life. and LUCKILY my hair has not grayed too much!

  8. And I loved the video too Bob. Coldplay was on Saturday Night Live last week and they performed this song...

  9. Wow, this is so good! And it's a cool song...

  10. I totally get you here, Bob. I think that is wisdom! the world is far to big for us to get all black and white on so many things, if anything.


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