Christianity Today reviews this movie and says that Religulous is Bill Maher's attempt to sell the idea that religions are the most dangerous threat facing mankind, that "religion must die for mankind to live."

He loses credibility by sheer fact that he is Bill Maher—an ardently liberal, slightly greasy elitist with a penchant for condescension.

I don't think that I'll catch this one.. let me now if you do.


  1. When it hits DVD, I'll put it on my Netflix list and see if it ever percolates to the top.

    I am ambivalent about Bill Maher. I loved his show Politically Incorrect. But, that was actually in spite of the fact he hosted it. I just like the idea of people sitting around talking about politics.

    Bill is someone who is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is and has bought into the big lie that you have to be stupid to be a person of faith. He's apparently clueless about how much Judeo-Christian ethics have shaped the Western hemisphere for good.

  2. I agree with Brian's assessment. It's pretty presumptuous to equate faith with stupidity. By taking that position, Maher presumes himself to be smarter than people like Cornel West (an outspoken Christian and a very gifted intellectual). You can watch Cornel West on Bill Maher's show on youtube - it's clear that Maher doesn't keep up with him. But mostly, it's because Maher is not aware and well-versed about the beliefs he mocks (mainly, Christianity).

  3. In defense of Bill Maher, some pretty stupid things have been said in the name of Christianity and some very heinous things have been done. What Maher does though is blame the shortcomings of some religious people on their religion. And some people do use "faith" as an excuse to be anti-intellectual.

    However, Sarah's right. There are some highly intellectual people of faith and some of them have made great cases for having faith. Which raises the question though is faith synonymous with religion. Religion can absolutely be ridiculous.


  4. I won't be spending a penny on this movie.

  5. I was watching Bill Maher's show on HBO a couple of weeks ago - I think it was right before his movie came out. As a liberal, I tend to agree with a lot of what's said on his show, although I do find him beyond crass at times. But as a Christian, his views on Christianity and religion make me frustrated and sad. But you know what? God actually laid it on my heart to pray for Bill Maher. So I am. You never know! It could be like the conversion of Saul! :-)

  6. A Bill Maher conversion? I am in awe of your faith Kristen :)


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