Australian Elections

My blog friend Lynne posted about elections and voting in Australia in her post titled Politics for Pickles. A good read.. here are two of the seven points that she makes:

I live in a country where voting is compulsory, not optional. I have spent my life not seeing my vote as an option I may or may not choose to exercise, but as a responsibility I have to my country. I am confused by the whole American concept of voter registration, here we must all register to vote when we turn 18, and if we don’t vote we receive a letter from the electoral office with a fine to be paid. Elections are always held on Saturdays, to make it as easy as possible for people to get to the polling booth, and there are arrangements for people who are sick, busy travelling or whatever.

Very few Australians have any notion that we are trying to create some sort of perfect godly society here on earth, and when we pick up strains of that in American politics, we find the notion quite strange. I’m sure that there are historical reasons for this. Your nation was founded by the Pilgrim Fathers and their ilk, who came to a new land with the express purpose of setting up a society where they could live and worship according to their understanding of scripture. My nation was founded by a bunch of convicts, (and the soldiers who guarded them and were often as corrupt and desperate as the convicts). They didn’t have any choice about coming here, and their goal was simple survival. In this harsh, strange land you didn’t survive unless you helped one another.
Lynne also writes about the lack of Christian influence in the elections and about the challenges that they face. I suggest that you take a look at Lynne's post and see how voting is a bit different on the other side of the world.


  1. Interesting post. I suspect her conclusion concerning the different manners in which the two countries was founded is correct.

  2. What a most interesting read...

    Thanks for the link!

  3. I was at a YWAM Bible school for 9 months in Canberra. The second thought in your quote I definitely picked up on over there. Aussies and Yanks come at things from different mindsets, and I think God can use the national identity/character for His purposes if we let him.

  4. Wow. A fine for not voting? Not sure I like that idea. I'd like to see everybody participate. But, maybe if people are going to be willfully ignorant it is better they stay home.

  5. Willfully ignorant? Maybe they are consciencous objectors Brian.. LOL


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