Last Debate Tonight

All kidding aside I think that this evenings debate is an important one for many of us undecided voters. I'll admit that I am certainly leaning a bit left these days but I am really not happy with our voting choices. I think that many have similar misgivings but, for whatever reason, they have felt a need to commit to a candidate before they vote.

I am not sure that I will even commit to a candidate before I actually vote.. I may even do the unthinkable and write Ron Paul in or.. oh no.. vote for .. Bob Barr :(


  1. I'm just going to pray when I get there... :-(

  2. Yeah.. Bob Barr.. I might consider him if I knew more about him.. right now I think I'd vote for Ron Paul if he was on the ballot.. not liking my options :(

  3. Palin and Obama are playing tag in New Hampshire and I can't get tickets to see or hear either one! Palin is 15 minutes away at this very moment, and Obama will be in my apple orchard in the morning.

    I'll be wathcing, but I don't expect anything new or revealing.

    Is it a bad idea to commit to a candidate before you vote? I think it would be a really bad idea to chose after you voted. :)

  4. Bob, what do you know about the guy with the Constitution Party? (Chuck Phelps? I think?!?) Would you consider him a viable third party option?

  5. Not on the ballot in Kansas Cameron.. and after checking him out I really don't see Barr as a viable alternative.


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