What Undecided Voters Think

Just a few notes that have been spinning around in my head.. and yes.. even though my wife has voted by mail.. I have not voted yet because I am yet undecided. Here are my thoughts of late.. I think that they may be representative of undecided voters:
  • Neither candidate is evil.. each is a sitting US Senator.. they do not deserve to be demonized with talk about being Un-American.
  • Obama is pro-choice but not pro-abortion.. really.. undecided voters aren't buying the idea that Obama thinks that it is okay to kill babies born alive.
  • Talks of socialism are political rhetoric.. our country redistributes wealth all of the time.. Medicare and Social security are a few redistribution programs that comes to mind.
  • The main stream media may lean left but it is not evil.. and neither are those fair and balanced news networks.
  • Medicare, social security, the budget shortfall and the national deficit are sadly nowhere to be found in the candidates dialog and debates.. this is indicative of why this campaigning falls short for many of us.
  • The real issue is the economy.. both candidates seem to be comfortable with spending billions of our dollars.. neither candidate is a fiscal conservative.
Undecided for a reason.. do not see a candidate that is clearly better than the other.. unless you are a single issue voter.. which most undecided voters are not.


  1. Thanks for that peek under the covers. I'm still fascinated by people like yourself who are so fully informed and engaged but still undecided. My theory is most would traditionally vote for McCain but really don't feel enthusiastic about that choice and may even be repelled by the way he has run his campaign. I've talked to several very lukewarm McCain voters. They're not so much voting for McCain but they fear Obama will tax them into oblivion and they have never voted Democratic or for a "liberal" before.

    I'm glad that you're not just choosing one based on party affiliation or what someone else tells you you should do. But, time is running out KB.

  2. Why choose early Brian.. McCain may prove that Obama is a terrorist this week :)

  3. I would say that when Obama says that he wouldn't "want his kids punished with a baby", that is pretty pro-abortion. Killing a baby because it inconveniences you is not very middle of the road on the abortion issue.

  4. Hey Bob,

    Why don't you flip a coin. Heads you vote for Obama and tails you vote against McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin...Keep us posted Bob and let us know when you make up your mind...

  5. Bob, are you one of those guys in the restaurant who has to tell the waiter to come back later? LOL.

    I've gotta tell you, I'm worried about this week. The 527s are ramping it up here in Ohio. I think McCain might say Obama is really from another planet this week or call him the anti-Christ (or both).

  6. Busted Brian.. I am often "undecided" in restaurants.. just ask my Thursday morning breakfast buddies. LOL

  7. Some republicans may not be interested but I think that the Newsweek article titled A Catholic Brief for Obama speaks to why many of us see being pro-life as something greater than being anti-abortion.

  8. "Greater than?" Is there any life more innocent than the unborn? Even LIMITING abortion a little bit would be nice, but no, Obama wants to federalize it, remove ALL control from states, from doctors, from parents, from communities. Every woman has a right to a dead baby!

    Is this the only issue? No, but it's the first and foremost of all the life issues and a formidable hurdle for Obama. I feel sorry for pro-life Democrats, and there are some, because their own party REFUSES to let them speak in public on the topic, REFUSES to consider any limitations or discussion. They've gone mad, and I can't figure out why. Even Hilary Clinton was for parental notification and Barbara Boxer was for abolishing partial-birth abortion.

    (Mr. Kmiec is drawing himself a lot of attention, I see. He makes his argument as though we vote for laws. We do not - we vote for lawmakers...)


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