New Surge in Iraq

According to a Reuters article titled:

Baghdad bourse booms as Western stocks go bust

Worried about the global financial meltdown? Here's a tip: try Iraq.

Stock markets across the globe may be tanking, but the Baghdad bourse is booming, with the general index of Iraq's stock exchange up by nearly 40 percent last month. The floor of Baghdad's stock exchange was heaving with investors and brokers on Thursday, many glued to their phones and eager to snap up bargains on the second day of trading after a national holiday. Read more here.
Not sure about you but this story really intrigues me. There just seems to be something amiss here. I wonder if American tax payers should be benefitting from this new kind of "surge" in Iraq?

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  1. that is one weird news. They mentioned foreign investment is only 3%. I thought your country have invested much more in that country.


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