Colin Powell Endorsement

This Sunday former Four Star General and Secretary of State Colin Powell will appear on NBC's Meet the Press. There is speculation that he may endorse one of the candidates. Vote in this poll and let me know what you think.
Will his endorsement.. if he makes one.. affect your vote at all?


  1. It will be interesting to see what happens

  2. He endorses Obama. I like Colin Powell and respect him very much. Everyone is allowed bad judgment once in a while. ;-)

  3. I feel it is very good judgment. I also have great respect Colin Powell, but I have been worried about him ever since I watched him speak to the UN before the war with Iraq. I believe he knew he was lying, but that he was either pressured, or threatened into following orders. He looked so pale and stressed!

  4. If he actually knew he was lying, that means his judgment is not good.
    He also refers to the terrorist Ayers as "Mr. Ayers."
    Ayers deserves no such respect.
    I've always respected Powell, now I'm wondering about my own judgment.

  5. I think that his endorsement moved the needle a bit left for me.

  6. My needle is dull and rusted. And it could use a little WD-40.


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