Chiefs 14, Falcons 38

Maybe it is time to give up NFL Sunday football.. or at least take a month-long hiatus. Third string quarterback Tyler Thigpen had a horrible game with three interceptions and poorly thrown passes.. had a few decent drives but overall Thigpen and the offense looked pretty bad.. and the defense didn't look any better. Overpaid star running back Larry Johnson had his first 100+ rushing game in quite a while. This game marks 12 losses in a row since last season.. and that is all I can stomach to say right now.


  1. Bob,

    I'm right there with ya. But, NFL football is something I look forward to starting the day after the Super Bowl. My neighbors are all in a funk about the Bengals. I couldn't even get anyone to go out and watch the game with me yesterday. I ended up flipping back and forth between the game and the Ryder Cup.

    We did send it to overtime. But then the inevitable happened and we lost. As Marvin Lewis says "There are no moral victories". 0-3 start!

    I can't give up on NFL football though. I'll be watching them versus the Browns next Sunday.

  2. This year is so bad I only happen to watch the game instead of purposefully watching it. I watched more of the woman's beach volleyball on Fox to see if May-Treanor/Walsh would finish out the season taking the Manhattan Beach tournament. They dominated.


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