Blessing Entitlement

Commenting on Meltdown, USA I said the following about our current econmic crisis:

I think that a lot of the problem in our American culture is the notion that we deserve to be blessed.. it permeates the church as well the rest of the country. Some health and wealth preachers capitalize on it but all Americans buy into it.. you do and so do I.

This “right to be blessed” causes people to over-extend themselves, making purchases that they cannot afford today but feel that future earned blessings will cover the bills. Personally, I think that if I work hard and save I deserve to be blessed.. and I go to some strange places believing this American dream.

I think that the baby boom generation has bought into this “blessing” mentality because, unlike our parents, we did not have to experience hard times like the depression. I am hoping that the current economic meltdown is not of that “great depression” magnitude but if it is I suspect that our kids and grandkids might have a different perspective on blessing.


  1. And what is also driving things is that children feel they should have the same standard of living as their parents once they leave their house. It has taken 36 years for my parents to be where they are. I am thankful for what I have. The lord is my shephard, I have everything I need.

  2. "children feel they should have the same standard of living as their parents once they leave their house"

    I think that you have described trickle-down "blessing entitlement" Scott :(

  3. We are so blessed.
    Not talking about "stuff."

  4. Amen. There is a sense of entitlement out there. Sadly we often have it as Christians. These tough economic times seem to be striping that away.

  5. Right on!!! Aussies are the same and I resckon our social security system is way more generous that yours ...


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