The House that Ruth Built

After 85 years, New York City's Yankee Stadium will host an event for the last time this weekend. Next year, the Yankees will play in a new park that is now under construction next to the old park.

Growing up in New York City I was a big Yankee fan. I was 12 years old when Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle slugged it out for the homerun title in 1961. I have a great memory of seeing my boyhood hero Mickey Mantle from center field seats when my older brother took me out to the stadium.

Another national treasure will be razed in these ensuing weeks and I will mourn a bit for a lost era of youthful innocence and for the House that Babe Ruth built.

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  1. KB, Mr. Right took our boys to NYC this spring to watch a game. It was about 10 hours on the road to and from, but they all agreed it was worth it. They really wanted to go before the Yankee Stadium came down. My oldest is a Yankee fan, but we have to keep that quiet here in Red Sox country. ;)


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