Lightening Up

Over the past year I have had a few complaints about the readability of the KB blog because of the dark backgrounds. So I thought about it and changed the blog template.. I also spent $7 and bought the domain. Well.. I may change it again.. but this is it for now. I am also considering folding my other blog, An Eye for Redemption, into this one.

Any comments or suggestions?


  1. Oh yeah that's nice. I mean I liked the blue jeans one, but this is more readable.

  2. I'm liking the change:) Nice!

  3. I loved the look of the blue jeans, but yes, this is easier on the eyes to read.

    I would like it if you combined blogs because I can't get on your other one anymore :(

    Not sure who created the surfer/dolphin thing, but that pic has been around for years and its not a shark, its a dolphin. Just had to say that since I love dolphins and see them do that all the time. That's one big one!

  4. PS, I also love the banner. I really need a cool banner, how did you make that???????

  5. Thanks all for the feedback!

    I had a problem that I fixed on the other blog.. let me know if you can't access Barbara.

    About the banner Barbara.. I just took a photo and cropped it using Picasa then uploaded it using the header element on the blogger layout page.. might have to play around with the cropping to get the right size. Let me know if you need help.

  6. Woohoo! So much easier to read!!

  7. I loved your old look, but this is definitely more readable, especially when leaving comments!

    I'm not sure why, but I do like An Eye for Redemption being on its own. I'm sure I'd adapt to them being together, though. :-)

  8. It looks nice. I love, those demotivational lines crack me up.

  9. I like the change Bob. You still have the best Blogger template I've seen.

    The demotivational poster is awesome as well. I'll change my blogroll to reflect your change.

  10. I like it. But, then, I like anything you do.
    Even when I disagree! ;-)

  11. Yay! I shall no longer be irritable and combative from over-stimulation.

    Just kidding.

    I'm sure I'll continue being irritable and combative.

    Lookin' good, KB.



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