Chiefs 33, Broncos 19

Who would have guessed after last Sunday's ugly loss to the Raiders that the Chiefs had a good game in them? A few player highlights:
  • Quarterback Damon Huard started the game and played well with no interceptions and a decent passing game.. an improvement over last weeks play by novice QB Tyler Thigpen.
  • Overpaid superstar running back Larry Johnson had a great 198 yard running game with two touchdowns.. the offense clicks when he clicks.
  • Tightend Tony Gonzales almost broke Shannon Sharps' total lifetime yardage stats for a tightend.. only a couple of yards short.. probably will break it next week.
  • Kicker Nick Novak was solid kicking 4 field goals and 3 PATs.

Even the defense played okay against the highly volatile and high scoring Denver offense. Overall a great way to end the Chief's 12 game losing streak.


  1. Congrats to the Chiefs I saw some of your comments about the game on Twitter.

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  3. Congrats! I'm happy for ya.

    The Bengals lost to the BROWNS. 12 more weeks of this madness left.

  4. One of the more amazing personal aspects of this is that I am still watching them play :)

  5. After 35 years of being a Bengals fan, a little thing like an 0-3 start doesn't keep me from watching them. But, I can't even get my buddies together to watch the Bungles anymore. It's quite depressing.

  6. The Bungles.. so funny.. funnier than the Chefs :)


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