Famous TV Lines

According to this article the Emmy Awards will celebrate some of TV's most memorable lines from the past six decades in honor of the ceremony's 60th anniversary. Got me to thinking about great lines of days gone by.. here are a few of my favorites:
  • Bang, Zoom, to the moon Alice!! [Ralph - Honeymooners]
  • Live long and propser! [Spock - Star Trek]
  • Wilmaaaaaa! [Fred - Flintstones]
  • This is the big one! I’m coming Elizabeth. [Fred - Sanford & Son]
  • Norm! [All - Cheers]
  • Sock it it me! [All - Laugh In]
  • Heeeey! [Fonzie - Happy Days]
  • What you talkin’ about Willis [Arnold - Different Strokes]
  • Engage [Picard - Star Trek TNG]
  • Up your nose with a rubber hose. [Vinne Barberino - Welcome back Kotter]
What about you? Any favorites that you'd like to share?


  1. I think my favorite is another from Picard.

    "Make it so."

  2. Welcome back Kotter. Now that was a funny show. Before my time, but I used to watch the reruns.

  3. "It's me, it's me, it's Earnest T!"
    (Earnest T. Bass - Andy Griffith Show)

    "Hello, Jerry."

    "Hello, NEWman."
    (Newman and Jerry - Seinfeld)

  4. 'How you doin?' (Joey in Friends)

  5. "Roscoe P(eeee) Coaltrain" (Dep. Coaltrain - Dukes of Hazard)

    "Don't have a cow, man!" (Bart - The Simpsons"

    "Could it be, hmmm... Satan?!" (Dana Carvey as The Church Lady on SNL)

  6. SNL had a bunch of one-liners Missy.. that could be a post of it's own :)


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