Presidential Time Warp

My blogfriend Nephos said this in a comment:

"I can’t convince myself we would have been better off under Gore or Kerry."
Caused me to think a bit.. I did vote Bush in 2000 and in 2004.. what would it have been like if he did not win? Here is my not-so-thoughtful response to Nephos:

I think that if Gore was elected we would not have invaded Iraq and many Americans and many more Iraqis would still be alive.. anti-preemptive-war is a part of my pro-life thinking.

Maybe if Kerry got elected the republicans would not have lost the majority in Congress.. maybe we wouldn’t be overly extended (militarily and financially) in Iraq.
I have to admit that I am really not convinced that things would have been better if Bush lost either of those elections.

How would you have responded? Maybe you would speak to how these candidates would have nominated liberal justices to the Supreme Court or how they would have vetoed the congressional ban on partial birth abortions.

It is an interesting to ponder how our country would be different with a different president at the helm.


  1. I cynically say that the only direction we could have gone is up, even moderately, if either one was elected. But in retrospect, Gore has been doing some great things outside of the White House as is the case with Carter.

  2. One things for sure, Gore and Kerry would have nominated vastly different SC justices.

  3. I wonder how safe we would have been from additional terrorist attacks during the past eight years under Gore and Kerry?


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