Chiefs 8, Raiders 23

Another pitiful excuse of a game for this very old NFL matchup. The Chiefs' defense gave up 300 yards and the offense had one decent drive with their third string quarterback Tyler Thigpen. Overpaid star running back Larry Johnson had about 30 yards.

This game marks 11 losses in a row since last season. It was sad to see so many empty seats at Arrowhead in the third quarter - fans are all pretty disgusted. The Chief's management says that this is a rebuilding season.. not sure that I believe them.. who are they rebuilding around.. their first string QB is a nice guy but he seems a bit fragile. Here's hoping that they can win a few games this year :(

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  1. Some of my college buddies and I who do a fantasy league have a long-running saying that we throw out from time to time: "Brodie Croyle just got sacked again!" Sadly, the sack last week seems to have put him out for a while.

    Definitely a tough season for the Chiefs; wonder how long they think this rebuilding season will actually stretch?


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