ASBO Jesus

Today Amy Sondova interviews Jon Birch, the creator of ASBO Jesus - one of my favorite cartoon blogs. Here is the beginning of the interview:
ASBO Jesus is a phenomenon not even founder Jon Birch saw coming. His site speaks about controversial issues in the church such as female pastors, cutting, abuse, but Birch uses few words—he lets his cartoons tell the story. And just because they’re animated doesn’t mean they’re so easily dismissed. Millions flock to The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus each week to check out the latest cartoons, comment on social issues, and find encouragement in the community. Jon, who lives across the pond (that is, in Great Britain) took time out of his work to do a Q&A via e-mail.

Not everyone is familiar with ASBO Jesus, what exactly is your site about?

It’s a blog where I put up cartoons on issues of faith and the church. Sometimes satirical, sometimes empathetic, sometimes ridiculous. Over time, quite a community has grown, so I’ve used the cartoons to stimulate discussion. The purpose of the site is to say things, or bring things up for debate or thought which are often thought yet seldom said (at least not in public) by people of faith. Having said that, the site is open to people who have lost faith, or are still working it all out (Aren’t we all?)
You can catch the whole interview here.. but read at your own risk.. it might scare a bit of religion out of you :)


  1. I love it! Thanks.

    Anti-Social Behavior Disorder (why isn't it ASBD?). Perfect!

  2. I've been reading that comic for awhile. It seems to be on target so often. Which is really sad in a way. But they are always enjoyable and thought provoking.

    By the way Bob if you didn't already know my new blog is up.


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