Emmy Predictions

Are you going to watch the Prime Time TV Emmy Awards tomorrow night? Not sure if I will or not.. but I thought that I'd give you my predictions for the winners:

Outstanding Drama Series: Mad Men - Got hooked on this soapish-type drama last year and like the way that it shows life in my hometown NYC in the late 50s and early 60s.

Outstanding Comedy Series: The Office - This show is a bit over the top at times but usually has me laughing out loud.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Jon Hamm, Mad Men - Does a great job of bringing his very dark character to life.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer - The show would be mediocre without the intensity she brings to her role.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Tony Shalhoub, Monk - He does such a great job in bringing the idiosyncrasies of the detective to light.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: William Shatner, Boston Legal - I have stopped watching this show but Shatner is the only reason to watch it.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Rainn Wilson, The Office - His over-the-top portrayal of Dwight is an anchor of the show.

Outstanding Reality-Competition Program: American Idol - The Ted Mack Amateur Hour of our day.. simply great live TV.
Actually these aren't really predictions.. just the picks that I personally like the best.. and I didn't include all categories.. only ones that had a nominee that I liked. Here is the complete list of nominees.

Any predictions of your own?


  1. He is one of the greatest inspirations of this century. I love to hear Bono talk about him because he has such strong reverence and affection for him, plus "Desmond Tutu" just sounds so cool with an Irish accent.

    Thanks for sharing this, Bob, I needed some of those quotes tonight!

  2. No clue who will win since there is so much on TV that I'm not even aware of anymore.

    Gotta give a nod to "The Office" though. That is possibly the funniest show ever on TV. Never heard of Mad Man.

  3. The office is my favorite show. It is pretty much a consensus around my office that I am Michael Scott. It is funny and sad at the same time.

  4. I can see that.. you do share part of Michael's name Scott :)

    Unfortunately for The Office, 30 Rock is the new TV comedy sweetheart.

  5. Woohoo! Multiple wins by John Adams. Outstanding scene-stealing performances by the "background artisans" no doubt!

  6. I have got to get the John Adams DVD.. everyone says that it was a great miniseries.


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