Surprising Poll Results

For the record - I voted with the 2%


  1. I'm happy to see this unscientific indicator of support for Obama on the CT website. I am at the point of amazement that serious-minded people can really support McCain after his selection of Palin. That choice reflects so poorly on him in several ways that I won't spell out here. Suffice it to say that McCain seems "gamey," not serious. Palin has no business being VP for anything beyond tactical, political reasons. So much for McCain! Obama has lots going for him - ideas, energy, creative approach to the issues and a determination to put middle class and working people at the center of his policies. I'm confident that after the post-convention dust settles, people will take a sober look at the choice and recognize that Obama/Biden offer the best way forward to assertively address the complex challenges facing our nation.

  2. Hi Bob,

    I am shocked by the results of this poll...but...glad to see that apparently Christians aren't as committed to political ideology as the last election...which...bodes well for the country and the political process, imo.

  3. This poll sure doesn't reflect any of the Christians I know...which is a lot since I work with a several hundred of them. I hope this is accurate info. I know you're undecided Bob, but I'm going with Obama. I just can't justify another 4 (or more) years of the same. McCain's choice of Palin confirmed it. I have no doubts at all now.


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