Through the Storm

Michael Hyatt, President & CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, recently posted about why they published Lynne Spears’ new book pictured right. Michael gives four reasons why they posted. I found reason four to be worth repeating:

It is a book about faith. Lynne is a Christian. She is not afraid to admit it. She doesn’t wear her faith on her sleeve, but it permeates her life. Despite the caricature created by the tabloid media, she walks her talk. She is not perfect, but she is consistent. And humble.

When Gail and I had dinner with her, I asked, “With all that you have gone through, was there ever a time that you gave up on God?” She paused and then said, “No, I don’t think I ever gave up on God. But I gave up on myself.”
She continued, “Ten years ago, I thought I was a pretty good parent. After Jamie Lynn told me she was pregnant, I thought I must be the worst parent on the planet. So I didn’t give up on God, but I started to give up on myself. But that’s when I felt that God was saying to me, ‘I am sufficient, even when you feel you aren’t.
This brief account gave me a glimpse into another parent's pain and how God helped her gain a new perspective about arenting and life.. and I just wanted to share it.. and if you blog you can get the book free if you are willing to review it.

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