Perspective on the Bailout

Here is how I responded to Brian's post on the Bailout:

I think that leadership on this bill came from main street Brian. Many DC politicians are afraid of the backlash of voting for this bailout.. especially the ones that are up for re-election.

My thinking is that they need to take their time on this legislation and get it right.. the word of the day should be patience not expediency.

I think that wisdom might come if our congressional leaders stand up to the pressure to get-er-done and find a way to insure that the interests of American taxpayers are at the heart of legislation.. the bill needs to protect Main Street and not Wall Street.
Of course, if you can believe this, Congress unbelievably did bailout Detroit last Saturday to the tune of 25 billion dollars.. wonder why we haven't heard more about it?

What do you think congress should do?


  1. I'd heard nothing about the loans to Detroit. Not a word.

  2. I mean, no. I hadn't heard about Detroit, either.

  3. According to the Detroit Free Press:

    "The $25 billion in direct federal loans, the largest federal aid ever offered to the U.S. auto industry, won final approval from Congress after a three-month industry blitz that included visits by top executives and some peeks at future technology, such as Chrysler LLC's electric-vehicle concepts that were revealed publicly this week."

    Guess congress was bailing out somebody this weekend :(


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