25k Visits

Just noticed that my sitemeter counter went over 25,000 today. When I started this blog at the end of 2006 I had no idea that I would make so many online friends by just sharing a bit of myself. I introduced it by saying:

This is my attempt to consolidate my rantings and musings on life, politics, entertainment and trivia into one stewpot of rhetoric and monkey business. These posts will tend to be daily and brief in nature and simply reflect what is going on in my boring world.
I just checked and my major blog theme has been.. surprise.. the US presidential campaign (154 posts and counting).. don't know what will I complain about in two months.. the runner up theme has been culture with 120 posts.. all in all I have published 1255 times.

Anywho, thanks for dropping by.. even if you got here by mistake :)


  1. Bob, Congratulations on 25K...
    I appears you have reached the goal you started with.

    Tomorrow I will be posting a thought I had about my blogging, and the integrity of blogging.

    I do enjoy coming by and reading your posts. I don't always agree with you, but I always go away with a new thought or perspective.

    Good Job!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Wanda.. getting to know folks like you motivates me to blog.

    Blessings, Bob

    PS: It would scare me a bit if you always agreed with me.. not sure that I always agree with me :)

  3. Yay!! Congrats on 25K. I am so glad you started blogging, my life has been enriched by your friendship.

    Here's another scary thought: I agree with you more often than I agree with myself?!?!

  4. Yay, Bob! I missed this. At my pace, it would take 20 years to publish that many posts!

    You are a wonderful blog host - a fair, open and honest man (that is, if you are real) - and a good friend.

    Viva la Bob!

  5. you are real, aren't you?

    Anyway, congrats o your 25K


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