Peugeot Sylight Concept Car

Bulgarian Ognyan Bozhilov's Peugeot Sylight concept looks retro while being fuel-forward with this three-seater.

The city car would be powered by a 1.6-liter HDi engine and an electric motor. Purple interior isn't its only fashionable touch. The brake lights are designed to glow brighter, the harder you slam on them. That should make for quite a festival of lights in stop-and-go traffic.


  1. Concept cars are an enigma to me -- they look cool, but I'm not sure how safe they are (plus, there's no room for two car seats). The one that really throws me is the new smart car, which if you haven't seen it is about the size of the television in your living room. I've even read that some businesses have lobby doors big enough that folks can pull their smart cars into the lobby and park them for the day!!!

  2. Cool! This reminds me of something Batman would be proud to drive.

  3. I believe one of those landed on the screen door yesterday. I swatted it. Took a little killing....


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