Vader vs Picard

HT: Locusts and Honey


  1. Since I love both, This was a lot of fun. I would have to say that based on technology, Star Trek would win, but based on volume of ships, the force, and the presence of Darth Vader, the federation, and perhaps even the klingon empire (despite Worf's assertion that the klingon empire would never yield) would yield to the Empire. The borg, however, might overcome the empire. If you take one borg cube and invade the deathstar, there would be no stopping them.

  2. Hi Bob,

    This is so fun. The clash of the Star Trek and Star Wars universes - Trek Wars? One thing I like about Star Trek is that their spaceships are so clean! Even after being damaged, the next time you see the ship, they are in pristine condition. The spaceships in Star Wars are rusty with their paint rubbing out. How in space do spaceships rust?


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