Children of Columbo

This month it was revealed (by his daughter) that 81 year old Emmy-winning actor Peter Falk has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. A sad announcement that has me thinking of how Columbo, Falk's old TV Show that I loved so much, has spawned so many TV "detectives".

Here are a few TV detectives that I think have carried the Columbo mantel:
Adrian Monk (played by Tony Shaloub in Monk):
He carries on the quirkiness of Columbo to the extreme.

Bobby Goren (played by Vincent D'Nofrio in Law and Order):
Seems that Bobby often is almost out the door and makes a Columbo turn as he asks just one more question.

Gil Grissom (played by William Petersen on CSI):
Unlike many of his leading man CSI counterparts Grissom embraces his oddness and doesn't try to be your stereotypical cop.

Brenda Lee Johnson (played by Kyra Sedgewick on The Closer):
Brenda Lee is not your stereotypical glammed-up hot cop.. she is intelligent and crafty.. often lays a trap and closes in at the very end.. ala Lt Columbo.
I know I have probably missed a few of Columbo's kids. Anyone come to mind?


  1. I don't know if I can add one, but I love to watch Monk. I was sad to hear that the upcoming season will be the last.

  2. Thank you Bob, I hope your Christmas was great also. And Happy New Yr.

  3. I think the CSI is more spawned from he pioneer in such shows, Quincy, M.E. I used to love that show, with Sam his assistant. "Gentlement, you are about to enter the most exciting sphere of police work, the world of phorensic medicine". queue the trumpet intro.

  4. Agree with you about the show but I was really commenting more about the quirky Grissom character.. and yeah.. Jack Klugman played a great Quincy!

  5. Sad news. I always enjoyed his show very much!

  6. I can hardly believe that our dear darling witty Columbo is 81... He was a favorite of mine ~~ didn't miss a show.

    I think your list is really right on.


  7. Not familiar enough with Columbo to make a comparison, but one of my current favorites (along with Monk) is Damien Lewis as Det. Crews in "Life." Definitely a quirky character.

    As for Monk, like Mark I am disappointed that it will soon be ending, but glad they are ending it before it goes south.

  8. Great addition Cameron! Crews is one of my favorite new detective characters.. a bit eccentric and bent on revenge for sure.


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